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The services offered by MGM Partners is the culmination of several long-term careers, some pretty great opportunities..... and even greater mentors!

MGM Partner's list of clients range from small and large businesses to non-profits  and government contracts.


The name "MGM Partners"  does not represent a large corporation as the name might imply. "MGM" represents my Marketing, Graphics and Management background, and the word "Partners" reflects the alliance fostered with each of my clients.

Before the inception of MGM Partners, I learned my work ethic and creative insight from long-term employment with Apple Computer. My careers after Apple ranged from VP of Marketing for a healthcare software company and a retail entertainment property to Corporate Development Director for a non-profit organization.

After 9-11, when my husband re-enlisted in the Army, and I became a military spouse, I needed a more portable career to accommodate frequent relocations. MGM Partners was a way to incorporate all of my skills and experiences into services I can deliver from anywhere in the world. I began offering all the services I had previously paid other agencies to perform.

I look forward to working with you!

Madonna Zimmerman

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