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Website Design


It is becoming increasingly more important for websites to be RESPONSIVE; web designs that respond to the needs of the users and their devices. On a phone, users are likely to see content shown in a single column view and on a tablet the same content might be displayed in two columns.

While many websites in my portfolio are not responsive, all new websites will be easily viewed in on an array of devices.

Another really important aspect for most customers is the ability to MANAGE CONTENT themselves; they want to be able to add images, articles, or update calendars without the need to pay a web developer for ongoing maintenance. Once your site "goes live" you will be able to determine who will update your site through permissions granted for access to the site, and a user friendly interface.

Also of importance to many customers is that NO BACK UPS are needed; there is no longer a potential of losing your website files, or entrusting the developer to ensure their safety. Unless you specify another preference, all of your web files will be stored online, where you can access them from anywhere in the world and with any device.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media links are routine elements of a modern website, as is the potential for blogs, calendars, surveys and shopping carts.

When you are ready for a new website, we will discuss the type of business, your products or services, what you want your website to accomplish, any time or budget restrictions, and a game plan for you to view your site ithroughout the development process. There are some website variables that would be helpful for you to review prior to our discussion. 

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